How to Use

Checkbook Pro

Expense Manager for Windows


The first time you login you do not need a password. Please accept terms and privacy policy and login. The first time you use checkbook pro you will be presented with a quick walkthrough.


The TOP MENU includes:

• Home Button - Takes you to the main screen

• New Transaction Button - Opens the NEW TRANSACTION SCREEN

• Report Button- Opens the Reports Screen

• Date Range Selector- Select Start and End dates for transactions displayed on the Transactions Table.

The LEFT PANEL includes:

• Accounts - Bank acccounts or such.

• Groups - Pertains to fields of financial activity, such as 'My Amazon Business' , 'My Day Job' , 'Home Finances' etc.

• Income categories -Comes with some pre-built categories. Right click to delete or edit. Click '+' to add new categories.

• Expense categories -Same as above.


• Rapid Input-This screen enables you to rapidly enter transactions without leaving the main screen. Especially useful when in a hurry.

• Table of Transactions- The heart of the app, here you see the information you wish to see.

The LEFT PANEL serves as the filter settings which determines what is shown in the Table of Transactions. You can select or deselect items on the left panel and depending on what you selected, the "Table of Transactions" updates. You can either do automatic re-fresh (see settings option) or manual refresh using F1 key.



1. The first step is to create one or more acccounts. An account in checkbook pro can be any place you keep your money, it could be the name of an account in a bank or even simply 'money in my wallet'

2. Next step is to create one or more groups. A group in checkbook pro pertains to a field of financial activity, such as your home finances or your amazon business.

3. Why is the account and group concept important? Because you may be using multiple bank accounts to handle a field of financial activity such as your amazon business. Or you may be using the same bank account to pay for multiple groups or areas of activity such as your home expenses and your business expenses.

4. Please review the pre-built list of income and expense categories on the left panel, you can delete anything you dont need and you can add new categories.

By default all your accounts are selected, all your groups of activity are selected, all your income categories and expense categories are selected. You can deselect or select whichever items you want information to be displayed about. If you want to delete an account or edit an account you can do that by rightclicking.


(when you don't need receipt image inclusion at the moment)

1. Select the date here. Today's date is preselected.

2. You can toggle expense or income.

3. Select the category.

4. Enter the amount.

5. Enter the payee or payor.

6. Enter your comment (optional).

7. Select the group.

8. Select the account.

9. Click save.


:(when you need receipt image inclusion now)

Click the NEW button in the top menu and this will open a self explanatory screen where you can select income/expense, category, and select a receipt from your receipt folder. Checkbook Pro works well with the Receipt Scanner android app which offers an easy and fast way to scan receipts with your phone and send them to the PC using your WIFI connection.

You can click SAVE if you are done and go back to the main screen. Or if you have a lot of receipts to enter, you can click SAVE AND STAY and continue until you finish.


Summary Report- Your income and expenses are listed by category totals for the chosen period of time.. This is exactly what your accountant will want to see at the end of each quarter.

Detailed Report- shows you all the transactions that you had for the chosen period of time.

Receipts Report- This generates a pdf file which contains all the receipts for the date range and transactions you selected. Your receipts (images) are included inside a newly created pdf file, and each receipt has the date and other details listed next to it.


These buttons can be used to import a backup file created on another PC or create backup file to use on Checkbook Pro running on another PC.


Currency-Most major world currencies are listed here. Our apologies if your country is not listed, please let us know and we will try to include it in the next version.

Refresh Mode You can make it automatic or manual. Automatic is selected by default. If you have a slow computer and thousands of transactions manual may be a better option.

If you select manual, each time you make changes in the left panel, you will have to click F1 to refresh the Transactions apTable.

Password Change - You can create a new password here. Please note that we do not have any way of recovering passwords you lose, since Checkbook Pro is an independent system where all data is stored on your PC, because we believe in the principle of personal Freedom and autonomy above all else and Freedom above convenience. So please write down in an easy remember place passwords you create.

Date Format - You can choose between US and European date formats



The trial version works for 14 days. After this date you will not be able to add any new transactions or edit any existing transactions. You can buy a serial number on our website The serial number should be entered in the box that comes up when the REGISTER button is clicked. This is a lifetime license that is hardware locked to ONE WINDOWS PC. We play fair and do not believe in 'forever billing'.


If your PC crashes for any reason or you buy a new PC as a replacement, please contact us at with your proof of purchase and the email address used at the time of purchase and we will send you a new serial number. A maximum of 1 replacement can be done per year per customer, and the total number of replacement serials per customer will not exceed 5.


Receipt Scanner for Android is a convenient Android application that runs on android phones. You can find the download link on You can use this independently on Checkbook Pro. It primarily facilitates the rapid scanning of large number of receipts or other documents , allows you to assign categories to eacch receipt (such as food, utilities etc) and when all done, you can transfer the entire folder of receipts over your SECURE WIFI connection into your PC.

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