A Dollar Tracked is a dollar Saved End Accounting Chaos
The Problem With Money

Very few people have sufficient willpower to meticulously keep track of every dollar that comes and goes. Especially when you have multiple bank accounts and bank cards, while working several jobs. And an expensive hobby or 'home-business' that drains your money complicates this process even more.

CheckbookPro Could Help ESPECIALLY if

You are using multiple accounts and cards

Your business and personal expenses overlap

Your business and personal accounts are strictly separated

You are juggling a regular job and a side hustle

You are unsure how much you spent and what you spent it on

Your bank account empties out faster than you estimated

Where Did All That Money Go!?

You made a lot of money last year, how come the account is almost empty? Do you really have a clear idea where each dollar went? For example, do you know exactly how much you spent on electricity bills in the fourth quarter of the year? 

A dollar tracked is a dollar saved.

No matter how much money you make everything comes down to whether you are keeping track of the money and how well you are keeping track. Checkbook Pro will change the way you track your money and thereby change your life for the better.

Track and Organize Your Spending Habits

Easy, quick and intuitive ways to enter data. Effortless interpretation of data – know where your money came from, where it went and what it has accomplished.

Watch the Tutorial for a simple explanation on how to use Checkbook Pro.

Success in life depends on choosing the Right Tools for the Right Task

Whether you are a fresh graduate making $20,000 a year or a seasoned professional making $400,000 a year, financial success comes down to having the right tool to keep track of income and expenses.

CHECKBOOK PRO is this key tool. You will not find another accounting software that is more intuitive and user friendly Download Checkbook Pro

How can Checkbook Pro help your finances?

It is simply a Personal Expense Monitoring and Control Tool and it has one goal: CUT SPENDING, MINIMIZE WASTAGE.

Allow me to explain the Logic and Reasoning behind Checkbook Pro and how it can help you get a handle on OUT-OF-CONTROL SPENDING. Checkbook Pro is not a budgeting tool, instead it is more like an your own ‘Eye in the Sky’ watching over the movements of your money, immediately knowing trends, patterns and expenses, empowering you to make rapid corrective measures that prevent you from ever hemorrhaging money without realizing it. CHECKBOOK PRO is built on the principle “A dollar tracked is a dollar saved”.

Organizing money starts with having a list of all the places where you keep money. It can be money in your bank account or even the money in your wallet or the money under your mattress. Keep track of everything. This is a KEY principle of getting a handle on your expenses.

The ‘Group’ is an unique concept.

This was introduced in CHECKBOOK PRO based on the understanding that most of us ordinary folks tend to mix up expenses in different niches in our life.

For example you may be using your personal debit card to buy supplies for your part-time business, even though you are supposed to be using the Business debit card. Regardless of which bank account or card you used, you will be able to keep track of exactly which area of activity that money was spent on.

“Group” can be your Home finances, your Amazon business or your Evening side hustle or your even your lemonade stand. As we all know, some of these side-hustles could burn more money than you ever imagined possible.

The left panel shows you a running category total of how much you have spent in a given period of time (you can adjust the period of time quickly in the top panel) in each and every category.

This way of keeping track of how your expenses are accumulating / adding up in each category prevents you from walking into financial quicksand, because it enables you to take quick defensive action.

Inside of a category, you can find out easily where the money was spent the most. In this example you are looking at your home expenses and it shows that you spent $577 on food.

The next question is, where did you spent most of it, was it on groceries at Walmart or burgers at McDonalds. This is important information so that you can plan how to cut your expenses.

One of the problems with most accounting software is the ‘CLICK BURDEN’ the sheet number of places you have to click to enter a simple transaction.

Use the RAPID INPUT option when you want to enter things fast. If you have more time, use the NEW button to scan in the receipt and other info. You can add the receipt later too by clicking EDIT.

This underlines the PRACTICALITY of checkbook pro. This is not designed to impress reviewers or accountants but simply to make your day to day expense control efforts easier.

Each entry can be optionally linked to a receipt that you upload.

You can use our companion software for android ‘RECEIPT SCANNER’ to effortlessly scan in receipts by the hundreds and transmit them to your PC using your own WiFi.

How is that for privacy? Everything stays inside the four walls of your home.

Reports are a powerful feature of Checkbook Pro. You can create a SUMMARY report with anything that you have the screen.

You can adjust the dates and filters and get a category-wise summary report of the expenses (or income).

This is a powerful tool when it comes to identifying expense patterns or wastage patterns and cutting back on those specific areas.

This is the second type of report you can generate, ‘Detailed Report’ which simply lists all the transactions you need show in an excel report.

The third type of report is the PDF REPORT WITH RECEIPTS EMBEDDED. This is a multipage PDF report where each transaction is listed on one page along with the receipt that it is associated with.

This is a powerful feature if you ever need to show anyone clear documentation of each and every transaction you have done.

The core purpose of CHECKBOOK PRO is simply to give you a powerful tool where at any given moment you know exactly what has been spent, and in what category, and toward what activity, and this birds-eye view of your finances gives you the power to change your spending and expenses quickly in a way that you are never ‘spending blindly’.

Companion Software for Android

Use Checkbook Pro Windows Application with the
Receipt Scanner for Android Phones

Learn More

The Receipt Scanner app helps you scan your receipts at rocket speed using your Android phone and then transfer it all to your computer. You can download it HERE.

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